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The Perfect Blend.

A well rounded approach to your life & fitness goals

Wherever. Whenever.

& always at your pace.

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Abby has always been prepared and professional but also friendly, fun and encouraging. She’s helped me through lots of ups and downs and doesn’t let me give up on myself. Having Abby as a PT and a Pilates Instructor is worth every penny.

When COVID hit, we started online workouts. Both my sister and I have equipment at home, and Abby was able to adapt exercises to what we had. Abby focuses on form, and she amazes me that even though we are on-line, she is able to correct how I do an exercise for better effect. Most importantly, though, she is always positive, encouraging and affirming, which makes me look forward to seeing her!

Abby has really helped me with various injuries, recovery from total hip replacement and concussion through pilates. These things have improved my daily life and reduced pain & stiffness. I can’t do without my weekly pilates sessions!

Laurel L, MN

Susan B, MN

Tami T, CO


Thanks for stopping by -- I'm Abby

Your new best friend, biggest fan, & the one that will hold you accountable to each and every goal you have, no matter the size. Health & fitness is my background & helping you is my passion. 

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